Formula 542®

Formula 542®

One of the few Pit Additives Using Enzyme Technology

PigTek is excited about the potential of its new Formula 542® Manure Pit Additive. Once you see what it can do to reduce organic solids and offensive problem odors, you should be excited about it too.

We partnered with a local company that developed Formula 542 in South Korea, where pig operations are located close to dense population centers, creating the need for a highly effective solution.

While many other pit additives are microbial based, Formula 542 is one of the few that use enzymes. These enzymes feed the existing microbes in the manure, so they can digest solids. This results in a significant reduction in odor, solids, crusting and foaming, while greatly lowering ammonia and hydrogen sulfide emissions. An additional benefit is significant reduction of fly population because they have nowhere to lay eggs.

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Before Treatment
After Treatment
When one of our people first saw Formula 542 in action, he stated:

“I was floored by how well this thing worked. The odors were significantly reduced, the crust was gone, and you could tell it was breaking up all the solids in a short amount of time.”

Beyond offering this solution to treat your manure pit, we’re willing to go the extra step of advising you on best practices and to customize the treatment to your unique operation. All pits are different, and application rates should vary according to feed rations and other factors. For instance, the higher use of DDGs, scrap bakery products and other alternatives to high-priced grain are increasing pit solids and foaming issues for pig producers. The correct dosage of Formula 542 can help with this and other situations your facility may face. To ensure success, we are willing to talk to each producer, offer air testing, and help to optimize treatment.

Formula 542 is a winner. And it’s a great opportunity for you to get a solution that will make your operation better.

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