HERE FOR YOU™ Since 1952

Since the founding of Chore-Time Equipment in 1952 and Brock Grain Systems in 1957, we have developed a reputation for innovative, high-quality, American-made commercial farming products. PigTek® began in 2008 as Chore-Time’s swine sales arm, and since then we have enhanced and expanded our product offerings to suit the needs of the modern commercial hog farmer.

We place a high value on our relationships

A Trusted and Committed Partner to All Stakeholders in the Pig Industry

As a leading systems provider to the pig industry, we take our responsibility for HELPING TO FEED A HUNGRY WORLD® very seriously. Over the past five years, we have introduced technologies to increase feed conversion, reduce energy costs, establish and maintain a better environment in barns and other accomplishments.

Even with these achievements, we know we must do even more in the future and that is exactly what we plan to do.

As such, we are able to combine an entrepreneurial attitude with the global resources of both CTB and Berkshire Hathaway for you. Our corporate vision is LEADERSHIP THROUGH INNOVATION®.

PigTek is a Division of CTB, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company.

Our values are found in every service, product and opportunity. We live by our values and our primary focus is on pig farmers.

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