CENTRO™ Control

Easy-To-Use Barn Management Tool

  • Pre-programmed for Feed Delivery and/or Ventilation
  • Built-in QR code for easy remote control connection set-up
  • Compact size with 6.75 inch (171mm) diagonal screen
  • Comes with power supply included

CENTRO™ Control Features​

Chore-Time CENTRO™ Control Screen
6.75-Inch Touch Screen

6.75” Touch Screen

Take control with the CENTRO™ Control 6.75-inch (171 mm) diagonal touch-screen. Military grade display module is optically bonded for increased life and visual brightness. Spend less time setting up your control and more time running your operation. Menus can be organized by user role to help streamline operation and make navigation intuitive.

Remote Control

Remote Control

Be connected to your control like never before. The CENTRO™ Control’s home screen features a built-in QR code offering easy remote control set-up to allow viewing and operating the control from nearly any mobile device.* From within your account, you can view the high level status of each individual room and drill down for more detail and take any action needed.

*Requires internet connection.

CENTROL™ Control Mobile App


The CENTRO™ Control is small but also mighty! The primary control has room to add three hardware modules. If that is not enough control ability for your facility, an 11-card secondary unit can be added to provide more control options.

Chore-Time CENTRO™ Control with two hardware modules and is expandable for a third.
Chore-Time CENTRO™ Control showing inside with two hardware modules and is expandable to add a third module.
Choose Feed Delivery or Ventilation

Choose Feed Delivery and/or Ventilation

You can choose to get your CENTRO™ Control pre-configured for any Chore-Time Feed Delivery System and/or Chore-Time Ventilation. These choices provide your animals the special attention they need with this integrated controller. There is a built-in process log to troubleshoot mechanical problems. The feeder controller has remote start capability for providing extra feedings.

PigTek Feeding and Ventilation
Bin Slide Controller

Bin Slide Controller

The next full feed bin is always just a button push away. This CENTRO™ Control will activate the feed bin boot slide actuators to open the next bin and automatically close the previous one for full clean-out capability.

Powerful Alarms

Powerful Alarms

Managed alarms give you one less thing to remember today. Configure alarms to be delivered to different users or groups of users. Group alarms roll through the user list until acknowledged and then start a resolution timer. If the alarm is not resolved before time expires, it will reactivate and move to the next user. From your computer or mobile device, view sensor and system status, see current and historical alarms and bump alarms to the next responder.

Scripting Engine

Scripting Engine

Have a unique idea or configuration not directly supported in the control? With the CENTRO Control’s powerful scripting engine, you can do almost anything based on IFTTT (If, This, Then, That) principles. Simply create a script from a list of available inputs and outputs stating: “If selected input does this, then set output to that.”


Permission Levels

Six defined user levels keep your control on lockdown from accidental and malicious changes. Define each user’s maximum level of control programming access to align with their job requirements. Use a 4-digit PIN or RFID card to quickly log in with your system administration level setting.

Historical Data

Historical Data

Understand your barn environment in a whole new way. View historical data of settings, devices and sensors to see true cause and effect changes. Use this data to make repairs and refine settings.

Chore-Time CENTRO™ Control

CENTRO™ Control

Easy-To-Use Pig Barn Management Tool.

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