Build a Respected Swine Equipment Dealership

Thank you for your interest! You’ve made it here so you’re at least intrigued about what becoming a PigTek dealer means, and, most importantly, how it can grow your business.

Becoming an independent dealer can be rewarding for those passionate about agriculture and entrepreneurship. Many independent dealers find satisfaction in building something on their own, contributing to the industry and seeing the direct positive impact to their bottom line.

What’s truly unique about this opportunity is the potential. PigTek is a leading systems provider to the hog industry. The Oklahoma panhandle area is prime swine production territory. Our systems are well known and already installed in the area. We need an enthusiastic partner to help develop this relatively untapped territory.

So why you? If you received our message through LinkedIn, your business matches our profile for successful dealers already representing PigTek in other areas of the U.S. Whether you’re currently a dealer for related industries, are deeply involved in the pig industry, have the metal building expertise to offer installation of our systems, or seem to have the infrastructure to support pig producers in this area – you’ve made the short list of prospects for this opportunity.

If this sounds like you … please fill out the form and we will contact you. Don’t worry, there’s no obligation in taking this step. Even if you’re unsure about this opportunity, there’s no harm it talking it through with someone at PigTek to learn more. We’re as interested in finding the right partner for us as you are in finding the right opportunity.

Thank you for considering a business relationship with PigTek.

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