swing-fix® free access gestation stall gate

PigTek’s SWING-FIX® Gestation Stall Gate is designed to help pig producers take sow management to a higher level while meeting new animal space requirements and allowing sows to have free access ability. Available as a retrofit to back gates on existing conventional stalls or as new installation, the SWING-FIX Stall Gate features a proven design based on PigTek’s many years of European pig production experience.


  • Economical solution for animal space requirements
  • Available as retrofit or new installation
  • Central lock and release feature
  • Gates and full length stall provide safe place for sows
  • Fewer moving parts to help cut maintenance costs
  • Available with standard or artificial insemination doors
  • Compliant with Prop 12/other sow housing requirements

Watch the Demo:

Normal Operating Position

Lever handle is positioned in the center of the lever bracket for free access.

Open Position

Lever handle is positioned toward the chain in the lever bracket to disable locking tab.

Row Locking Position

Lever handle is positioned away from the chain in the lever bracket to lock a row of sows.

Individual Locking

Use the snap hook to move chain from one adjusting ring to the other to lock individual stalls.

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