A Trusted Source for Pig Farmers with Innovative Solutions and Products that Work

  • Multiple Options for Both Simple and Advanced Systems
  • Knowledged-based Solutions Available 24/7
  • Trusted Value for Over 70 Years

Multiple Options for Both Simple and Advanced Systems

Our unparalleled product portfolio allows you to choose from simple to more advanced systems depending on your situation and preferences.

As part of a global company, we also give you access to global best practices and technologies.

Knowledged-based Solutions Available 24/7

  • Access to an exclusive dealer network with dealers who are among the best educated in the industry.
  • Ongoing webinars and hands-on training bring value to you at the local level.
  • Behind our dealers is a responsive team which is on call 24/7 and dedicated to helping you.

Trusted Value for Over 70 Years

We are the brand that is most often chosen to replace other pig systems.  We have been a trusted source for pig farmers for over 70 Years because we deliver innovative solutions and products that work.

"Our #1 choice.."
Farmer Brown
"..best ventilation systems by far."
Bob Smith
"Completely Satisfied."
Jane Rover

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

We welcome a conversation with you to hear your needs for systems.

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