FLEX-AUGER® Feed Delivery System

  • Proven centerless auger concept invented by Chore-Time
  • Many decades of reliable performance and improvements
  • Keeps feed fresh
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Developed and designed specifically for hog house environments

MODELS: Model 55, Model 75, Model 75 Plus, HMC, 90 Standard, 90 High Speed, 108 Standard, 108 High Speed

The reliable original – often imitated, but never equaled

It is hard to imagine a modern hog production facility without a centerless, flexible auger for the feeder fill system. FLEX-AUGER® Coreless Auger Feed Delivery System was invented by Chore-Time in 1961. In the years since then, Chore-Time’s FLEX-AUGER System has proven to be the most reliable and best system ever devised to deliver feed. While it has been often imitated, the FLEX-AUGER System with all of its benefits has never been equaled!

FLEX-AUGER® Features

Five FLEX-AUGER® Models

Capacities for Chore-Time’s five FLEX-AUGER® System models range from 15 to 250 pounds (7 to 113 kg) per minute. Spring-like auger is custom manufactured from high-yield strength steel for exceptional durability plus the proper hardness for optimal wear resistance.

Wear-Resistant Elbows

Auger rotates in a tube made from specially-formulated ultraviolet-
resistant PVC with high impact rating and abrasion resistant qualities for longer life. Elbows for the Chore-Time FLEX-AUGER® System feature 50% thicker walls at the bottom of the
curved tubing to provide a longer-lasting wear area.

Transitions and Boots

Bin Transitions are available in either translucent red or clear polycarbonate. Both are designed to promote even feed flow and offer the ability to visually inspect the feed flow to the bin’s boot and auger system. Transitions are made from polycarbonate with ultraviolet inhibitors and impact modifiers included to enhance durability.

Power & Control Units

Power Unit features a direct-drive gearhead with a compact, proven design unique to Chore-Time. Custom gear design is precision manufactured using premium gear and shafting materials. Capable of up to nine gearhead speeds.

PigCentral® Control

PigCentral® Control uses powerful, farmer-friendly software tools, plus a modular, card-based approach, to ensure that your nursery, sow or wean to finish system can be easily upgraded – not outdated – as technology advances.

Feed Extension Boot

Chore-Time’s Feed Extension Boot replaces the control unit to extend the overall length of the feed conveying system. Designed as one-piece hopper/boot unit to remain an enclosed feed delivery system.

Outlet Drop

Plastic Outlet Drop is easy to install where needed in the FLEX-AUGER® System with several mounting options. Simple shutoff features visual indicator for whether the drop is open or closed and can be operated from floor level using the cord provided. Flexible and rigid drop tubes are available.

Twin Stackable Control Units

Twin Straight Out or Twin Stackable Control Units for feed blending applications.

Feed Conveying Scale

Visually inspect the feed flow to the bin’s boot and auger system with one of Chore-Time Transparent Bin Transitions. Made from a transparent polycarbonate material, these bin transitions offer high strength and high impact resistance. The transitions are available in translucent red or clear models.

Boot Slide Actuators

Choice of manual and Automatic Actuators for simple, trouble-free operation of the bin boot’s shutoff slide. Automatic boot slide actuator helps manage feed inventories to automatically switch bins to prevent feed systems from running empty and pigs running out of feed. If both bins are empty or if there is a feed flow problem, the automatic actuator turns the feed delivery system off and issues an alert.


The Chore-Time Hopper Level Control and Drop Tube Switches help to maintain the desired feed levels for a continuous feed supply. Both adjust automatically to changes in feed type. These electronic switches are non-mechanical proximity sensors paired with switching relays for use with feeders or feed conveying lines. A built-in programmable delay prevents short-cycling of the feed conveying

Feed Conveying Scale

Chore-Time’s Feed Scale is an in-line scale accurately capturing daily feed consumption rates to help you evaluate hog growth performance as well as identify potential herd problems. Unique pivoting, split hopper dumps feed from one side while the other side fills to provide a continuous flow of feed to your pigs. Use real-time data to monitor feed inventory levels and do timely scheduling of feed deliveries.

Auger Run Timer

Maximum Run Timer acts as both time delay and safety timer to shut down the auger system if it is operating longer than the programmed run time. The timer prevents the system from running empty for long periods of time. For added protection, the system requires a manual re-set after

Feed Storage Bins

Chore-Time’s proven dependable Feed Storage, inventory management and long-wearing delivery systems for pig production facilities.

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