Complete Ventilation System

  • Savings on Energy Cost of an estimated 90% for Complete Ventilation System *
  • Energy cost savings on electrical costs is an average of $3,241 for the complete system

HERO® Performance

  • Flexibility to Customize
  • Only Fan on the Market – High Energy, High Rebate and High Output Performance with One Fan
  • Reduces Energy Costs up to 90%*
  • Increased Output Along with Qualifying for Regional Energy Efficiency Rebates
  • Up to 30% more CFM than Traditional Fans

PMSM Technology

  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Uses Less Energy and Increases Efficiency
  • IE5 – Highest Energy Efficiency Level
  • 30% cooler
  • True energy savings at slower speeds
* When fans run at 30% of speed

4-20MA or 10-0 Volt

  • 4-20ma – Reduces Electrical Noise Interference and Voltage Drop
  • 10-0 Volt Input for fan speed control

Corrosion Resistant Design

  • Longer Lasting and Less Wear
  • Improved Performance & Reduction of Vibration that Causes Quality Issues
  • Stainless mounting brackets and grill

Labor, Installation and Service

  • No Bearing Maintenance
  • No Belt Replacement
  • No Tensioner
  • Easy Maintenance


Designed Exclusively for Hog Barns

  • Saves Pork Producers Money on Energy Costs for a Quick Return on Investment
  • Top Fan in Industry for BESS Lab Performance
  • Easy Installation, Service and Labor Cost Savings

PMSM Technology

Feature: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Technology

What is a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor?
  • Relies on magnets to turn the rotor which spins at the same speed as the internal rotating magnetic field
So why the change from Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) to PMSM Motor?
  • PMSMs have a different back-electromotive Force (BEMF), which is sinusoidal.
  • Produced by the way the coils in the stator are wound (in a sinusoidal fashion)
  • The BLDC motor stator coils are evenly wound
  • PMSM coils are wound in a sinusoidal fashion which increases efficiency, by reducing noise and torque ripple

Benefits of PMSM Technology:

  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Uses Less Energy
    • The fan will provide the ability to slowly ramp up and maintain low or high speeds and will use less energy (wider speed range, offering a wider range of CFM)
  • Increases Efficiency
    • Provides a consistent controllable speed against temperature fluctuations which increases efficiency
    • Has the ability to compensate against head winds which offers a more stable room environment
  • IE5 – Highest Energy Efficiency Level
    • Delivering an unprecedented level of performance, the PMSM motor technology far exceeds the common IE3 rating to meet the strictest criteria for motors. All PMSM Fans have attained IE5 status.
  • 30% cooler
    • Runs on average 30% cooler than standard direct drive fans

Corrosion Resistant Design

  • Corrosion-Resistant Stainless-Steel
  • Cast Aluminum Blades
  • Longer lasting and less wear than standard or competitor fans
    • Motor Mounts
    • Hardware
    • Grill
  • Improved performance and (cast aluminum blades) reduces vibration that causes quality issues

Labor, Installation and Service Maintenance

HERO® Drive

(Designed and Built for Safety and Ease of Maintenance)

  • Needs a drive to operate and will be in a separate housing for ease of maintenance
  • Drive can talk to the ventilation controller, which monitors operational data such as RPM feedback, current, voltage, drive temperature, etc.

0-10 Volt and 4-20ma Options

  • 10-0 Volt and 4-20ma Options
  • 4-20ma – Reduces electrical noise, interference and voltage drop
  • 10-0 volt input for speed control of the fan

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