PIGCENTRAL™ Ventilation System

  • Our Ventilation Systems Outperform All Others
  • We Offer the Industry’s Most Advanced System
  • Most Complete Product Portfolio to Meet Your Needs

Many Options to Fit You

Despite the challenges, we have put together the industry’s most complete product portfolio and can meet your ventilation needs.

Not only can our systems deliver the industry’s best CFM/watt, also we work with you on obtaining energy rebates as well.

Consistent Barn Temperature

Think of the benefits you would reap if the temperature in your barn can be held within 2% at all times.

  • Our fans operate on a true linear curve.
  • There are no wet spots caused by staging.
  • You can save up to 85% on your energy costs.

Give us a call at 574-658-5000 or contact your local Dealer to learn more.

Our PigCentral™ Control choices are unparalleled

  • Specific benefit/choice 1
  • Specific benefit/choice 2
  • Specific benefit/choice 3

Developed by Pig People with the End-User in Mind.

We convert a pig farmer from their current system at a pace of nearly one a day.

This is no accident.

A demo is only a phone call or email away and may be the best 15 minutes you’ll invest this year.

Product Link Catalog now available online!

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